The New Ute Event Center project was created in 2009 when a group of dedicated community volunteers decided to form a non-profit corporation in support of the restoration and renovation of the 1948 Ute Theatre.

Over the past several years, it has been a pleasure to work with dedicated volunteers who have been as passionate as I have been to see the Ute Events Center come together. Without the drive and compassion of volunteers to see a facility such as this come alive, it would not have happened.

As the Interior Designer, I was asked to participate in the project early on with historic research and selection of exterior finishes. During the interior renovations, after speaking with people who either worked there in its early days or participated in events, I learned it was a huge part of Rifle’s Community, bringing families and friends together. I was honored to be able to collaborate with other professionals to bring the UTE back to life.

I came to Rifle for the first time in 1984, raising two boys, working and volunteering in various ways. I moved away from Rifle and lived on the Front Range for ten years, and then returned to Rifle in 2004. I could see the potential for several improvements in the downtown.

The need for a state of the art community events center and performing arts center was foremost on the minds of many, spending countless hours in strategic planning sessions and city council meetings to garner support and funding.

The New Ute Events Center is located in downtown Rifle. That opportunity brings economic and social diversity as well as vitality to the downtown. I believe the UTE will enhance not only Rifle, but Western Colorado.