Audience Entrance

The front entry to the building is located along East 4th Street. This entry is ADA compliant.

Seating Capacity

The audience viewing capacity will depend on the chosen seating arrangement for each event. The seating capacity can range between 200 – 300 patrons. The Ute Theater has available (12) 24” diameter bistro tables, (24) 72” diameter banquet tables, or (6) 6’ rectangular tables to arrange seating around. There are also plenty of chairs to fill the seating area if there is no need for tables. The seating space is open and flexible, there are no fixed seating arrangements.

Dressing Rooms

The Ute Theater is equipped with two dressing rooms, a green room and a restroom in the lower level located in the back of the facility (directly below the stage). Access to and from this space is directly behind the stage. Access to this space is only by stair – there is no ADA access.

Stage Information


Fixed Opening, Soft Proscenium: Approximately 47’-6” W x 15’-6” H
Stage Depth: Front of Apron to Back Wall 25’-0”
Height Floor to Underside Grid: 21’-6” first 18′ of Downstage
Floor: Sprung Floor with (2) Layers ¾” Plywood and (1) Layer Hardboard Painted Black, 150 lb per square ft load

Stage Drapes

Drapery System (dead hung)
Grand Valance, Grand Drape – plum
(3) Borders, Leg Set, Side Masking Drapes, Upstage Traveler, Cyclorama on Track

Stage Entrance

The back of the theater runs along an alley way that provides direct access to the back of the stage. A large 8’ wide door provides access directly to the back of the stage for loading of equipment and stage sets into the facility.

Audio Visual Specifications


Front of House

Mixing Console: Midas M-32, 40 Input Console
Midas DL-32 32×16 Stage Box with 32 Midas Pre-Amps
Main Loudspeakers (L-C-R): JBL AM7212/64 (2 Per Cluster, 6 Total)
Subwoofers (L-R): JBL ASB6125 (1 Per Side, 2 Total)

Stage Monitors

Consoles – Digital:
Midas M-32
Berhinger X32
All consoles may be operated by iPad.

Consoles – Analogue:
Midas XL-250

Speakers & Amps:
12 EAW SM200 12″ monitors: 6 left/6 right
4 EAW SM400 2 x 12″ monitors
3 EAW SM500 15″ monitors
2 JBL MPA400
5 JBL MPA750
2 JBL MPA1100

CD Player: Denon DN-500C
2-Channel Solid State Digital Recorder: DN-500R

3 Audio Technica AE-4100
4 Audio Technica AE-650
2 Shure SM81
3 Shure SM58
4 Shure SM57
4 Shure BETA 58
3 Sennheiser e835
1 AKG D112 Microphone

Wireless Microphones:
4 Audio Technica 4000 Series with Audio Technica BP-892cW Microphones
2-Channel Intercom System: Clear Com Encore
RF Assistive Listening System: Listen Technologies

Audio Visual

HD Video Projector: Christie Digital DHD800, 8000 Lumens
Motorized Projection Screen: 260” x 146” Da-Lite Professional Electrol with Matte White Surface
Video Presentation Switcher: Crestron DMPS-300-C
Blu-Ray Player: Denon DBT-3313UDCI

AC Power

100 Amp 3 Phase Company Switch
60 Amp 3 Phase Company Switch
No Feeder Cable Furnished


Dimming System: ETC SR3-48 with (80) Performance Lighting and (16) House Lighting Circuits
DMX/RDM Distribution
FOH Motorized Lighting Batten: ETC Prodigy P1000-E

ETC Element 500 Channel
ETC Congo Kid 500 Channel Moving Lights
All consoles may be operated by iPad.

Performance Lighting Fixtures:
20 Source Four Fresnels
12 Source Four 19°
4 Source Four 25°-50° Zoom
2 Strong Canto 700 Followspot

LED and Moving Lights:
20 11” ETC  Selador Vivid-R LED Fixtures Tandem Hang
10 ETC Desire40 PARS
14 HES 575w Studio Color
8 HES ColorPro HX
3 HES 250w Studio Spot
2 HES Cyberlight II

Special Effects

CITC Quiet Cube Snow Machine
Motorized Mirror Balls – 12″ & 30″

Seating Capacity and Layout Options

The audience viewing capacity will depend on the chosen seating arrangement for each event. The seating capacity can range between 200 – 300 patrons.